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Drawing up of the technical project: Acquaintance with a premise, performance of measurements, gathering of the information on wishes of clients. Selection of the planning solution: We provide several variants of the planning solution, choose one of the most liked and suitable for the customer. Selection of the style solution: We are determined with style, color palette of the interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Working documentation: After choosing the final version of the interior design, our professionals begin to develop the working documentation necessary for further repairs. We give the finished album of the project: Not later than the contract term, we provide the customer with a complete album of the finished project, which includes 3D visualization of all areas of the room and working documentation. Architectural supervision: During the project implementation, all stages are monitored and accompanied by our qualified experts, the authors of the project.

What does interior design consist of?

Creating an individual room design is a multicomponent process. There are many factors that form the overall picture, uniting the actions performed on the repair, placement of interior items, adjusting the layout - creating an unrivaled style and harmony. In order to make a unique, harmonious and comfortable for you interior design studio Anngli, provides services for the development and implementation of such works: Selection of individual style taking into account the wishes of the customer and the features of the premises; Arrangement of furniture taking into account its maximum functional application in this type and layout of the room; Selection of pieces of furniture and decor corresponding to this style; Selection of effective sources of lighting and decor, harmoniously combined with the general style picture. Creating photorealistic visualization of the interior with all the details, decor; Preparation of working drawings necessary for further repairs. Thoroughly thought out, picking up and implementing all the stages of work, we easily solve even the most complex design tasks, creating for you a comfortable and stylish embodiment of your ideas. What do you get when working with the interior design studio in Kiev? Attentive and experienced professionals, high-quality and timely performance of repair work, the selection of decor and interior items according to your preferences, taking into account all modern trends, fashion and practicality in the field of design.

Services of our interior design studio:

Interior design of premises; Exterior design; Repair work of any complexity (interior and exterior); Architecture and design; Construction of residential and industrial, office buildings; We practice innovative solutions with the use of various techniques, technologies and best materials, perform work qualitatively and guarantee the durability of the result of our work!