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We practice a personal approach to each client, we can listen and hear, and also effectively embody ideas into reality!
What is most important at home: a stylish apartment design or comfort (mental and physical) from the location in it? Of course, both are important. Since every home owner wants him to be, it's nice to be at home: how to relax after work, and engage in the usual household affairs.
Do you want to make your store attractive to customers? To come once shopping, they come back to you again and again? Then it's time to take care of the customer audience, make it comfortable for everyone. What is needed for this?
What should be preferred in the interior design of the office: restrained and strict minimalist style or creativity, brightness and innovation? To solve to you, and our experts to you in this with pleasure will help!

Everything important in the world of design


Interior design in loft style


Eco style in the interior - proven ideas from studio ANNGLI

The studio of interior design Anngli provides a wide range of works of different types and complexity. Our               specialists have the highest qualifications, experience and practice               an individual approach to each project.               Our designers will develop for you architectural design , the workers & nbsp; will produce                construction , repair of premises ,               intended for housing, office               or other specialization: qualitatively and on time.               Designers will design a stylish and functional design of the interior of the room, according to & nbsp; your               preferences and wishes, taking into account innovative techniques and technologies, with the use of the best               materials. Interior, exterior, thought out and & nbsp; embodied by professionals of our design studio               interior will be executed in               a single stylistics that will give the room a completeness, isolation of one's idea, integrity.               We also offer services for registration and full               the arrangement of premises, visualization               your ideas , on models developed by us or by you. This will help to avoid               complexities and nerves, costs               time associated with the selection, purchase and installation (plumbing, lighting & nbsp; devices), as well as               arrangement and selection of furniture.               


The advantage of cooperation with the studio interior design Anngli:               
  1. A cohesive team of qualified experienced professionals                 
  2. Accurate compliance with deadlines;                 
  3. Individual approach to each client, development of projects taking into account all the wishes of the customer;                                  
  4. A wide range of services;                 
  5. We provide services in all cities of Ukraine                 
  6. Affordable price.                              Turning to us, you will get the desired result, on time and inexpensively, & nbsp; regardless of the complexities               tasks and goals.               Call us or leave a request on the site and our specialists will develop for you a project               (architectural, construction, repair of apartments or design), taking into account               your wishes, as well as the layout, layout and destination of your premises.               Company Anngli - the best design studio in Kiev and Ukraine!