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Interior design of shops of different fields of activity

For example, for children's theme stores (toys, clothes, as well as other products for children), you can come up with a fabulous and colorful design. The exterior design of such a store will attract attention, especially using bright colors in the design of the children's store facade, will cause the child's desire to go. For branded clothing stores, in the development of design, selection of accessories and furniture, preference should be given to restrained tones, you can choose the design in the tone of the top items of the collection, clearly follow the style, in everything: accessories, repairs, materials and furniture color. While for food stores, it will be relevant to use universal colors and easily cleanable materials in the process of interior decoration, and thematic banners from the outside.

Depending on what kind of products your store specializes in, what products you are engaged in, you need to think through the color scheme, the location of the shelves, furniture and decor. Specialists of the interior design studio Anngli will help you translate all your ideas into reality!

Shop design: what is most important?

First of all, when developing the interior design of a store, it is necessary to take care of both the external attractiveness (for the store to correspond to the subject matter of the goods being sold, and was notable among others), and also about the internal comfort. To do this, you need to carefully study the needs and preferences of your target audience, people interested in your product, and take into account their social status and the specifics of goods sold in the store.

The design of the store should be made in low-key colors, and special attention should be paid to its equipment. So, for example, if it's a clothing store, you need to choose the right location for fitting rooms, shelves, waiting areas (sofas, couches, chairs or lavas). And also to select lighting so that buyers could better evaluate the offered goods, and the arrangement of functional pieces of furniture (on which the goods are located) and places of comfort, thematic attributes did not interfere with each other and did not cause discomfort to visitors.

If we talk about grocery stores, then for them in the interior design of the store, preference should be given to easily cleaned materials, as well as to those that have strength, do not react with moisture, are not subject to deformation. Also it is worth considering in the selection of shelving, so that the material does not store odors, because the products are perishable goods that can pollute the interior items. For each store design should be selected individually, considering many factors, as well as the wishes of its owners, the interests of buyers. This will attract and retain the consumer audience, making the store one of the favorite and cozy places for shopping.


Drawing up of the technical project: Acquaintance with a premise, performance of measurements, gathering of the information on wishes of clients. Selection of the planning solution: We provide several variants of the planning solution, choose one of the most liked and suitable for the customer. Selection of the style solution: We are determined with style, color palette of the interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Working documentation: After choosing the final version of the interior design, our professionals begin to develop the working documentation necessary for further repairs. We give the finished album of the project: Not later than the contract term, we provide the customer with a complete album of the finished project, which includes 3D visualization of all areas of the room and working documentation. Architectural supervision: During the project implementation, all stages are monitored and accompanied by our qualified experts, the authors of the project.