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Consists of a set of documentation required directly for construction: - General plan, which already affects all connections, communications, vertical plan; - Architectural solutions: more detailed plans, sections, with facades in color, technical and economic indicators, floors designs, as well as information on the processing of various premises; - Technological design: plans for premises with furniture placement, equipment, specification of elements of furniture, lighting objects, sockets, constructive solutions, developed individually; - Building constructions (foundations and walls, ceilings and coatings); - Heating and ventilation plan (scheme and calculations); - Water supply and sewerage plans (schemes, calculations for domestic water supply and sewage); - Security system and alarm system. Deadlines: depending on the size and complexity of the project from 3 to 8 months of work.


All works, at all stages are controlled and accompanied by our specialists, highly qualified and experienced, the authors of the project. Our team of architects knows how to speed up the project, help you avoid mistakes in its implementation into reality, it is easy to go through all the stages of construction of repair work. We have been working successfully for more than a year now!


Our specialists develop the concept of architecture, taking into account all your preferences and wishes, as well as the conditions and peculiarities of construction (geodetic, climatic, location, etc.). First of all, we develop a 3d model of the architectural structure, visualize it for clarity to the customer. After the development and approval of the 3d model, we prepare the documentation for further coordination with the necessary authorities and services (diagram of the master plan, floors, facades (in color), section diagrams and not only). Terms of implementation: draft design of the house, development of medium complexity, with a total area of ​​up to 400 sq.m. - from 3 to 7 working weeks.