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Design of an apartment house or cottage

If you are a happy owner of your own home, which is located within the city or outside it, then you need to take care not only of making your home beautiful, functional and stylishly decorated interior, but also had a well-groomed appearance "outside". On the exterior, exterior finishing works should also be taken care of and well thought out, given many important factors. For example, it is not superfluous to pay attention to what facilities are next to your house (which is especially important for "urban" private houses and cottages). If you work on the design of the house in Kiev, the internal finishing and repair work can be done taking into account the wishes and tastes of the residents of the house, having issued everything in one style or, for example, having designed the design of each room based on the tastes of each member of the family, the design the facade of the house, it is worth considering based on the architecture of the district, the village (cottage, residential). Designs of houses in the city can not simply be designed in the same style, using similar materials or colors, but also vice versa, by making your house or cottage stand out from the general picture. Grooming the private house, cottage, also gives the appearance, the design of the infield. Namely: plants, lawn, quality and condition of the walls, roof conditions, as well as all buildings on the site. Landscape design of a country house is one of the components of a common style painting that completes and completes the author's idea. Owners of private houses can combine different ideas and solutions, style directions in interior and exterior design, both combining them and playing on contrasts. For example, you can design the facade of a private house, taking into account the architecture of the buildings and the houses of its surrounding (high-tech or stylized antique, baroque), and inside decorating everything in a simple and cozy style of Provence or unusual futuristic - it all depends on the wishes of the owners, as well as the vision of the designer and architect, embodying the tasks set by the customer.

Design of a cottage

With what do you associate a cottage? We are sure that opinions will be divided: someone will say - with rest, and someone will argue that with work. As a rule, holiday homes and cottages have one thing in common - compactness. They have a small quadrature, not many floors (one or two). Also, the hallmark of the design of the house (dacha) project is the availability of additional, economic buildings and premises. This gives this little house more functionality and is very convenient to use. The design of this house inside should be simple and comfortable, both for living (temporary, after all, as a rule, the country house is a seasonally used building), and for performing a variety of economic duties. In addition, not only suitable for living or work, but also for recreation. The design features are simplicity and comfort, that is, furniture can be inexpensive and yet stylish, and also have such special properties and characteristics. Following from the fact that the cottage is a seasonal house where people live temporarily and at a certain time of the year, such houses are rarely visited in winter, which means they are not heated regularly, which makes the room temperature unstable and can also provoke high humidity. That is why, pieces of furniture (both soft, and built-in or "walls") should be dropped from high-quality and resistant materials. The same applies to materials for repair and interior finishing works. Interior design studio Anngly is the best in Ukraine engaged in the design of a house, cottage or country house. We offer a wide range of services, we practice individual approach and creative design solutions for each client.

Home design

"My house is my fortress" is a well-known proverb that says that your accommodation is the embodiment of your interests, worldview, taste. This is a comfortable place for rest, work, entertainment, which is designed in such a way that you feel comfortable there: both mentally and physically. Therefore, when designing a house, it is necessary to take into account not only the modernity and style of its design, but also the state of mind, tastes and preferences of its inhabitants.


Drawing up of the technical project: Acquaintance with a premise, performance of measurements, gathering of the information on wishes of clients. Selection of the planning solution: We provide several variants of the planning solution, choose one of the most liked and suitable for the customer. Selection of the style solution: We are determined with style, color palette of the interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Working documentation: After choosing the final version of the interior design, our professionals begin to develop the working documentation necessary for further repairs. We give the finished album of the project: Not later than the contract term, we provide the customer with a complete album of the finished project, which includes 3D visualization of all areas of the room and working documentation. Architectural supervision: During the project implementation, all stages are monitored and accompanied by our qualified experts, the authors of the project.