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Interior of restaurants

And all because the interior design of restaurants and cafes is one of the most important components that shape the atmosphere and mood of the institution. Depending on the status of the institution, its high cost and prices for goods, services, as well as its themativeness, it is necessary to choose the style of its design, so that everything is in harmony. To create a cozy and attractive place for visitors, to develop a unique design of the restaurant and cafe will help you specialists of the interior design studio Anngli! Restaurants are establishments that are visited by people with an average or above average income, they spend romantic evenings, working meetings, gather on the occasion of festive events and events. Developing the interior design for the restaurant, the specialists of our company will fulfill all your wishes, study the subject of the institution, offer interesting solutions in the design. For example, if you are the owner of an Italian restaurant (or French, any other, narrowly specialized) you need to choose a design style based on popular trends and characteristics for a given country. That is, you can decorate the interior, preferring the style of Renaissance, Provence, Baroque (as for example) and at the same time clearly correspond to it in everything: from furniture, its arrangement, color scale, to the smallest details and decor elements. Furniture for the restaurant should be chosen as comfortable and stylish as possible, so that each visitor would comfortably sit on a chair, armchair or sofa in anticipation of delicious dishes. It is also very important, when performing repair or design works, to think carefully how to hide ventilation systems, sewer systems and others, so that they are not visible to the visitor and at the same time perform well the tasks set.

Interior design cafe

Unlike a restaurant, a cafe is a place where friendly gatherings and meetings most often take place, and in size (quadrature) it has a much smaller size than a restaurant. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for the owner of the cafe to create a design that has a relaxed atmosphere, as well as create a table arrangement so that each square meter is used with advantage, but also not clutter up the space. We know how to do it, in what color scheme to decorate your interior, and what materials to choose for each of the styles, and at the same time choose those materials that will be easy to clean and retain the attractiveness and accuracy for a long time. Specialists of the studio Anngli will develop individually for you the design of the interior of a restaurant or cafe, carry out it turnkey in any of the cities of Ukraine, on time and quality! We guarantee that your place will be stylish, fashionable and cozy!


Drawing up of the technical project: Acquaintance with a premise, performance of measurements, gathering of the information on wishes of clients. Selection of the planning solution: We provide several variants of the planning solution, choose one of the most liked and suitable for the customer. Selection of the style solution: We are determined with style, color palette of the interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Selection of materials, furniture, lighting: We look through catalogs, we visit furniture salons, we are defined with the basic elements of an interior. Working documentation: After choosing the final version of the interior design, our professionals begin to develop the working documentation necessary for further repairs. We give the finished album of the project: Not later than the contract term, we provide the customer with a complete album of the finished project, which includes 3D visualization of all areas of the room and working documentation. Architectural supervision: During the project implementation, all stages are monitored and accompanied by our qualified experts, the authors of the project.